It all began on a very cold December day.Actually it was December 26th some 8 or 9 years ago.I had gone fishing at Bodock Farm in Eutaw AL.While my friend was deer hunting, I chose to fish seeing as I never saw any fun sitting in the cold to kill a deer. No one would have imagined I would have any success fishing the last two hours of light in 26 degree weather.

As I threw my first cast I too was a little skeptical. And it was really cold.Well two hours later as darkness set in I had managed to catch 40 really nice bass. (all catch and release).I'm a little fuzzy on the actual number but remember this is a fish tale.

 I began to pack up my equipment and head back to thecamp house when I realized I had a problem. The skin on my thumb was raw and bleeding.The teeth of the fish I'd caught had done some damage. I knew then and there  that I needed some sort of protective device for my thumb, a fisherman's thumb. However there was no such product and I put my thoughts of such in my memory bank.

Fast forward to November of 2013. I was headed to Bryant Denny Stadium to meet some friends and tailgate. As I approached the walk of champions I saw a gentleman selling a product called Victory Fingers: a tight fitting, slip on finger with sports teams logos on them.That was the first time I met Tom Lewis. We actually had a m​utual friend Country whom Tom had coached in Lacrosse. We talked for some time and I shared with him I had a project I had conceived years before and wanted to discuss it with him. in the next few weeks. 

And that we did. Immediately we both knew, along with Elizabeth( Tom's Marketing Genius) that we had a great idea.All we had to do was put the pieces together.

This all happened very fast and we know we may have to tweak some things..

Today, our refined product provides comfort, protection, and style for saltwater and fresh water fishing. It does not affect casting and is thick enough to protect your thumb from most small toothed fish.

We hope you will enjoy yours so much you'll get one for your fishing buddies.

And that is the history of the Fisherman's Thumb..