Frequently asked questions

What is PRO FLEX 5, our newest innovation?

Fish like a pro, but stop using bandaids or tape. WORLD CLASS FISHERMAN RANDY HOWELL did! Our PRO FLEX 5 sharkskin neoprene covers slip over your finger and your thumb, and protect from line cuts, lipping cuts and rub abrasion. Your fingertips stay exposed so you don't lose any feel. Click Online Shop to order.

What is a Fisherman's Thumb?

A Fisherman's Thumb is the answer for a raw thumb obtained from catching lots of fish or friction from your line. It is made out of a thin neoprene which provides maximum protection combined with maximum feel of the line for casting.

How do I purchase a Fisherman's Thumb?

Click Online Shop to order.

Can I order in bulk?

Yes! contact us here